Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

Thanks so much for taking a moment to see our blog. After watching the movie Julie & Julia--I had a light bulb moment! I thought what a great idea to keep in contact with the customers from our shop. I have enjoyed meeting all of the people of the community who have visited our little place. You lovely people have embraced our shop with your ohhs and ahhs and I feel so blessed! The phone calls we receive praising our cupcakes makes it worth it!

I have enjoyed sharing stories of "the hunt" finding different furniture and glassware pieces and seeing the shine in peoples eyes when I know they see the beauty of imperfection in an object (specifically a Ms. Lisa--you know who you are...or Mr. Chip's neighbor, who by far wins the award for "rose lover")

To all of you who's heart skips a beat when you see signs of a doll worn by love, chippy paint on an old farmhouse door or a platter with beautiful crazing--thanks for stopping by.

I hope to hope to post as often as possible-fill you in on the latest cupcake creations & specials or show pictures of our latest trips hunting for some goodies to bring back to the shop. Last trip we found two "take your breathe away" venetian mirrors in great shape-one is already in lay-a-way..lucky girl who got away with that one!

I am so proud of my mom who has worked long hours and has had many sleepless nights searching the internet for products or suppliers. The following is a short poem retrieved from a Rachel Ashwell book. Take time to read it--Valentines Day is around the corner--the holiday of love...remember to tell those close to you how much you care for them!

** Mother **

Mother is a little girl who trod my path before me;

Just a bigger,wiser little girl who ran ahead-

Bigger, wiser, stronger girl who always watches o'er me,

One who knows the pitfalls in the rugged road I tread.

Mother is an older little playmate who'll befriend me-

Yesteryear she traveled in the path that's mine today.

Never need I fear a foe from which she might defend me-

Faithful little pal who ran ahead and learned the way.